Type these two terms into Google and you get a few links about economics and business.  I also consider these to be two general yet very different ways of life.  Most people I’ve had conversations with regarding scale tend to shy away from it – high impact, widespread effects are only accessible to the rich and well connected in many people’s eyes.  They’d rather make small incremental gains through grassroots efforts.  Both are needed…balance is good, but there may be a disproportionate amount of those who try to make a difference by helping one person at a time.

I often ask myself which vantage point is better, or if I should be comfortable with both.  If I really think about it, a person’s view can become distorted whether they are too far away, or too close to a situation.  I think a great example of this was demonstrated within an exhibit created by Stephen Young, a professor of geography at Salem State University. You can read about the exhibit here –  https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/macro-or-micro-test-your-sense-of-scale-2208824/

Obviously, things are not as they appear if you’re too close or too far.  I would challenge everyone, including myself, to make sure that we adjust our scope from time to time so that we don’t miss the solutions that are right in front of our faces, or slightly over our heads.