Why this theme, in this format?  There are a few reasons.  Mainly it’s because I’ve always been fascinated with science and the scientific method; but it can be a rigid methodology.  Careful observation has led me to conclude, however, that the lines between science & art can be blurred at the highest levels.  It is in that rarified air where the creative process begins to form. “Makers” are arguably the most essential subset of any burgeoning society.  Each Maker has a process, or method by which they come up with ideas and implement them. “How” was something done, and can that method be tweaked and replicated to do other things?  Although there may be deviation at times to explain certain concepts or shine a light on foreign ones, I will do my best to weave that theme into the fabric of the blog. I want to add value to society at scale, and the only way to do that is by helping others to hone their Maker’s Method.